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[GitHub] [cxf] andymc12 commented on pull request #660: [CXF-8263] Support SSEs in MP Rest Client 2.0


andymc12 commented on pull request #660:
URL: https://github.com/apache/cxf/pull/660#issuecomment-621868106

   Hi @reta @rmannibucau  - sorry for the delay on this.  
   * Wrt Java Flow API - I agree that that would be preferable to reactive streams.  I discussed the idea of prereq-ing Java 11 with the MicroProfile community and have been pretty much shot down.  The current MP Reactive Streams Operators uses reactive streams and will continue to do so in MP 4.0.  I'm not giving up hope that we can change their mind though, because the 4.0 release is being delayed due to IP working group issues - so that is more time to plead my case. :-). But for now, I'd like to go ahead with using reactive streams to be consistent with the rest of the MP community.
   * Wrt to the reactive streams TCK - I really like that idea.  I'm thinking that it might be preferable to add the RS TCK to the MP Rest Client TCK so that all implementations of MP Rest Client 2.0 must implement a compliant Publisher for InboundSseEvents.  As you both have probably guessed, my initial implementation in this PR is not compliant.  I'm working on both the TCK in the MP project and the CXF implementation in parallel.  
   * Wrt the ForkJoinPool - good catch!  I'll plan to use the ExecutionService specified by the RestClientBuilder API, which defaults to the ForkJoinPool if none is specified.  Wdyt?
   Thanks for the feedback!

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