Error occurs when I specify a "wsdlURL" in my cxfendpoint blueprint definition

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Error occurs when I specify a "wsdlURL" in my cxfendpoint blueprint definition

Harrison Tarr
Good morning,

I sent this same issue to the Camel users group yesterday, but I’m not really sure which mailing list is more appropriate.

I recently ran into an issue when changing a WSDL in my project. I noticed the new changes weren’t recognized by my CXF endpoint. It turns out, it looks like it’s using a WSDL from elsewhere in my project.

So therefore, I’d like to specify exactly which wsdl file to use in the construction of the cxfEndpoint. From the research that I’ve done, it looks like the way to specify a WSDL is using the “wsdlURL” argument on the “cxfendpoint” bean in blueprint. This is what my CXF endpoint looks like:

<camel-cxf:cxfEndpoint xmlns:svc="http://test.Service/test<http://test.service/test>"
                           wsdlURL="wsdl/test_Service.svc.wsdl" />

My targetNamespace in my wsdl, declared in the “wsdl:definitions” block, matches to the “xlmns:svc” value of the cxfEndpoint. My name in the “wsdl:definitions” block matches the “serviceName” in the cxfEndpoint, and finally, my “portType” matches the “endpointName” in the cxfEndpoint.

However, I’m getting the following error:
Error occurred during starting Camel: CamelContext(camel-507) due Could not find definition for port {http://test.Service/test}endpointTest<http://test.service/test%7dendpointTest>.
org.apache.cxf.service.factory.ServiceConstructionException: Could not find definition for port {http://test.Service/test}endpointTest<http://test.service/test%7dendpointTest>.

Have I misinterpreted how the fields map from WSDL to the cxfEndpoint bean attributes?


Harrison Tarr