CXF Security Using Shiro

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CXF Security Using Shiro

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I was wondering if I could get some advice regarding the usage of Shiro with CXF.

My team are looking at using apache shiro for authenticating and authorising users for JAX-RS end points, there are no servlets as such, it's purely rest services.

I've seen a lot of questions in the past regarding how to configure shiro with cxf and haven't found much in the way of an answer. That was 2 years ago. I was wondering if anyone has a good example of setting up cxf to work with shiro for jax-rs?

In the event that shiro is not the best option, can anyone suggest better alternatives (with a possible example to look at). My deployment environment is Apache Karaf 4.0.2 with the embedded cxf-jaxrs.