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[CONF] Apache CXF 2.0 Documentation: CXF tools in Eclipse (page edited)

Daniel Kulp (Confluence)

CXF tools in Eclipse has been edited by maomaode (Jun 25, 2007).

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How to get the CXF tools plugin for Eclipse?

You can download the tools plugin from here

If you prefer to get the snapshot version of tools eclipse plugin, you can check out the source or download the source tar tall, and follow the steps below

> cd tools/eclipse-plugin/
> mvn install

You can find the zip file under the target directory.

What's inside the plugin?

The plugin just pack the wsdl2java, java2wsdl tools and their dependencies, we don't include the runtime at moment.

Which version of Eclipse does tools support?

Currently we support Eclipse 3.1 or higher

How to install the plugin?

Just copy the zip file into the eclipse plugins directory, and unzip the plugin under the directory

Whose using the plugin?

Currently the Eclipse plugin is only used by Eclipse STP project.
You can find more instructions in STP web site.
Also, here is a good tutorial tell you how to 'Use the Eclipse SOA Tools Platform plug-in to build and deploy a Web service'

If you are integrate the plugin in your environment, please let us know, or change this section by self directly.